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    The United Maine Coon Cat Association (UMCCA) is our cat club. As a Cat Breed Club our primary goal  is to protect the Maine Coon Cat, while promoting and encouraging closer harmony and exchanges of information among breeders and owners of Maine Coon Cats.  We encourage selective breeding toward the standards of perfection, without hybridization (involving other breeds). 

    Somewhere along the way ( around 1992)  we found ourselves hosting an allbreed pedigreed and household pet cat show, as a fund raiser to help some of those less fortunate kitties.  We are very happy to be able to have a hobby that allows us to assist some shelters and rescues, while promoting the breed we love "Maine Coon Cats". 

     We are affiliated with The Cat Fanciers’ Federation Inc. ( C.F.F.),  one of the oldest feline registries in the United States.  C.F.F. does stand for Cat Fanciers’ Federation, but , we are happy that it can also stand for Cats, Family and Friends.  Follow the link at the bottom of the navigation bar for more information about C.F.F.​, Cat shows and Family fun. 

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