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83/84    Starlee.s Justin Lver of Utchats 
84/85    Prnsky’s Gizmo 
86/87    Tamerak's Trademark
87/88    Le Beau Minu Yankee Trader        
88/89    Capecoons Jumbalya of Essie coons 
89/90    Essie Coons Bailey 
90/91    Capecoons Glenlivet of Sarajen 
91/92    Heritage Coons Butch Regan 
92/93    Le Beau Minu Clyde of Heritage Coons 
93/94    Whales Back Raybestos 
94/95    Heritage Coons Vincegill of Bellerose 
95/96    Heritage Coons Roseann Barr 
96/97    Heritage Coons Shirley Temple 
97/98    Heritage Coons Danny Thomas 
98/99    A’Doracoon Dillon
99/00    Kerry-Kit Sean Connery Heritage Coon 
00/01    Cameowcoons Pawnee 
01/02    Heritage Coons Tina Turner  
02/03    Heritage Coons Barbara Bush 
03/04    Shanooks Boba Fett  
04/05    Widowswalk Texas Justice 
05/06    Nascat Magic Mile of Kelim Coons
06/07    Petteycats Starnice of Smoochcoons
07/08    Coonopry Lone Star of Le Beau Minu 
08/09    Le Beau Minu Dusty Rose 
09/10    Le Beau Minu Dusty Rose 
10/11    GGLegacy Angel Blaze 
11/12    Tac-N-Tac Ryuu 
12/13    Cameowcoons Thorangel of GGLegacy 
13/14    Tac-N-Tac Hajimi 
14/15    Kelim Coons Somangel of GGLegacy 
15/16    GGLegacy Angeluneau 
16/17    Kelim Coons Mavrikangel of GGLegacy
​17/18    Cameowcoons Jericho      
Past Winners
Maine Coon Cats , Kittens & Alters

Maine Coon Polydactyl 
Cats, Kittens & Alters
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Coongratulations , one and all 

83/84   Starlee’s Nostradamus 
84/85    Le Beau Minu Yankee DoodleDandy 
85/86    Le Beau Minu Yankee Doodle Dandy  
86/87    Lachinar of Ailurophile  
87/88    Prnsky’s Darn Yankee 
88/89    Prnsky’s Spike 
89/90    Codcoons Yankee Pilgrim 
90/91    Capecoons Glenlivet of Sarajen 
91/92    Kitkor’s Jake Regan of Heritage Coons
92/93    Kitkor’s Chances Are 
93/94    Heritage Red Skelton     
94/95    Le Beau Minu TJ Max               
95/96    Kitkor’s O.J. of Heritage Coons
96/97    Le Beau Minu Jasper 
97/98    Pawstuctaway Jose Cuervo 
98/99    Cameowcoons Big Ragu
99/00    Heritage Coons Jimmy Stewart 
00/01    Kerry-Kit Sean Connery Heritage Coon
01/02    Moolycats Erin Brockavich 
02/03    Fogcity Rollin Thunder Le Beau Minu 
03/04    Fogcity Rollin Thunder Le Beau Minu  
04/05    Widowswalk Rocket Red Glare 
05/06    Widowswalk Rocket Red Glare 
06/07    Widowswalk Mickey Finn 
07/08    Le Beau Minu Lovely Lily
08/09    Tac-N-Tac Hajimi       
09/10    Kingfishers Mia Farrow 
10/11    Tac-n-tac Ryuu 
11/12    Cameowcoons Thorangel of GGLegacy 
12/13    Big Meow Victoria of Cameocoons 
13/14    Kelim Coons Somangel of GGLegacy
14/15    Shadyangel of GGLegacy 
15/16    Kelim Coons Mavrikangel of GGLegacy
16/17    Cameowcoons Jericho
17/18    Cameowcoons Jericho  

83/84     Utchats Reddy Kilowatt
84/85     Mor-Ace’s Passamaquoddy of Temek
85/86     Mor-Ace’s Passamaquoddy of Temek  
86/87     Prnsky’s Gizmo
87/88     Le Beau Minu Rumford of Cascocoon
88/89     Le Beau Minu Mr Sir Lancelot
89/90     Capecoons Aja
90/91     Codcoons Cinnamon Spice
91/92     Codcoons Cinnamon Spice
92/93     Heritage Coons Butch Regan
93/94     Essie Coons Winston
94/95     Heritage Coons Billyrea of Bellerose
95/96     Heritage Coons Billyrea of Bellerose
96/97     Heritage Coons Billyrea of Bellerose
97/98     Heritage Coons Vincegill of Bellerose
98/99     Heritage Coons Danny Thomas
99/00     Pawstuctaway Reno
00/01     24K Coons Chalcedony
01/02     24K Coons Sunstone
02/03     Le Beau Minu Toby
03/04     Purrgatory’s Willard
04/05     Heritage Coons Vincegill of Bellerose
05/06     Pawstuctaway Sarengetti
06/07     Dracoonfly Finbar Conneff
07/08     Le Beau Minu Tenchi of Tac-N-Tac
08/09     Kelim Coons Jewel of the Desert
09/10     Kingfishers Robin Williams
10/11     Sarajen Skyelar Sand Dune Stargazer 
11/12     Sarajen Skyelar Sand Dune Stargazer
12/13     Sarajen Skyelar Sand Dune Stargazer
13/14     GGLegacy Kopiluwak 
14/15     Maggie Lane Annie Oakley
15/16     Pridenjoycoons Missee
16/17     Le Beau Minu Brina of Adoracoon
​17/18     Le Beau Minu Brina of Adoradoon        
88/89 Le Beau Minu Sir Lancelot
84/85 and 85/86 show years

 Le Beau Minu Yankee Doodle Dandy
10/11 and 11/12 Show  Year
Tac-n-tac Ryou 
15/16 show seasons Best Maine Coon Kitten
16/17 show season best Maine Coon Cat
  Kelim Coons Mavrikangel of GGLegacy

08/09 Tac-N-Tac Hajimi (kitten)
​13/14 Tac-N-Tac Hajimi  (Cat)